Raw Material Shortage, Malachite Green Dye Price Keep Rising【25 Years Malachite Green Dye Manufacturer】

After a longer holiday, most of China factories resume production gradually. However some raw material factories still facing difficulty of production resume production and transportation.

With many orders coming, raw material supply beomce shortage including malachite green dye. Currently with domestic and abroad stock running out, there is more and more demand for malachite green dye.


In this situation that supply can not meet demand market, the price of basic malachite green increased than before the holiday. If you regularly imported green dye from China, we suggest make purchase plan as per your stock status.

Maybe some people are not clear for basic malachite green dye, Cangzhou Xincheng Weiye Chemical here share some information of this color:

Property: Green crystal or powder. Soluble in water, very soluble in ethanol, are blue-green. The dye is yellow in concentrated sulfuric acid and turns dark orange after dilution.

Features: High fastness to sunlight, bright color, strong coloring power, good transparency, fast coloring, good dyeing, etc

Use: it can be used as biological staining agent to dye cells or cell tissues into blue-green, which is convenient for research under microscope. It can also be used for dyeing silk, leather and paper, as well as hemp, bamboo, wood, paper and incense.

Except basic malachite green, our factory also produce Rhodamine B dye, crystal violet dye, auramine O, victoria blue dye. Welcome your inquiry.


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Post time: Feb-18-2020