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The paper we often use in our study and life has a lot of colors, such as red, pink, green, etc. But yellow and white are the most common, and these two colors are also often used by people. In fact, no matter what color of paper is dyed by dyes, such as yellow paper is dyed by the direct yellow G dye, so what is the principle of direct yellow dyeing of paper?

Direct yellow G CI Direct yellow 12 is one of the most important dyes in dyestuff industry because of its simple synthetic process, complete chromatogram, low price and wide application. Paper color is an important appearance index. In order to obtain the required color of paper, two methods are usually used: in-pulp dyeing and surface dyeing. In-pulp dyeing is a widely used dyeing method. With the development of paper post-processing technology, paper surface dyeing has been widely used. However, the main dyes used in surface dyeing are acid dyes and basic dyes, and direct yellow G is rare.

Direct yellow G is mainly used for in-pulp dyeing of paper. It refers to a kind of dyes which contain water-soluble groups (sulfonic or carboxyl groups) and hydroxyl or amino groups which can produce hydrogen bonds, soluble in water and have affinity for fibers. It can be dyed directly on fibers without mordant. At present, direct paper dyes are classified into powder dyes and liquid dyes.

In the past, powder dyes were mostly used, but with the improvement of stability and dyeing effect of liquid dyes and the development of metering, transportation and addition technology, liquid dyes have been used more and more in the paper industry in recent years. There are many factors affecting the dyeing effect of liquid direct dyes. This paper mainly discusses the effects of aluminium sulfate and its dosage, the types and dosage of liquid direct dyes, size types and sizing degree, etc., in order to provide guidance for the application of liquid direct dyes in practical production process.

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