Multiple uses of acid scarlet 3R CI acid red 18【25 Years Acid Dyes Manufacturer】

Acid scarlet 3R CI acid red 18 is widely used as a red powder, soluble in water and red color, slightly soluble in alcohol and fibrinolysin, with bright color and complete chromatogram. It is direct to polyamide fiber and protein fiber and needs to be dyed in acid solution. Thus, acid red 3R is widely used in protein fiber (such as wool, silk) and polyamide fiber dyeing, nylon, wool, leather, silk and other dyeing.

Acid scarlet 3R is blue light red in case of concentrated sulfuric acid, yellow red after dilution; orange red solution in case of concentrated nitric acid, then orange; red precipitate in case of concentrated hydrochloric acid, and dissolves after dilution. Its aqueous solution is red with concentrated hydrochloric acid and orange brown with sodium hydroxide. In dyeing, the color is blue and dark in case of copper ion, and blue and light in case of iron ion, with good levelness.

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