Method and skill to choose good quality direct yellow G to keep you away from the trap of defective products

Among many chemical dyes, direct yellow G has been used in the market for a long time. Because of its good dyeing performance and easy solubility in water, direct yellow G has been widely used in dyeing cotton, hemp or rayon. It is precisely because of the large demand for direct dyes that users should pay more attention to preventing the adverse effects when choosing and purchasing direct yellow G.

Selection and Purchase of Direct Yellow G

1. In order to ensure the quality of direct dyes, we must do our homework well before choosing and purchasing them. We should be familiar with the performance of direct dyes and pay attention to taboos. We should know the direct dyes in detail, so as to have certain benefits for choosing and purchasing direct dyes.

2. We must pay attention to the color when choosing direct dyes. Generally speaking, the color of inferior direct dyes should be lighter, but only checking the color can not distinguish the true from the false. We suggest to choose the formal manufacturers with large scale and good brand.

3. When choosing direct dyes, we should also pay attention to the price. Because the manufacturers are different, the price of direct dyes is also very different. Before our purchasing, we should make inquiries to more suppliers as much as possible.

 Product Characteristics of Direct Yellow Dyes

1. Direct dyestuff is a kind of dark yellow uniform powder with high light fastness, bright color, strong dyeing power, good transparency, fast dyeing, good dyeing and other characteristics.

2. Dissolved in 50 ml of water with 1 gram of dye, gelatinized at < 15 ℃, so it is called frozen yellow. The dyeing of cellulose fibers with direct dyes has good dye absorptivity, affinity and discharge property at 40 ℃.

3. Specific uses of direct dyes: direct dyes are mainly used for dyeing cellulose fibre fabrics such as paper, cotton, linen, viscose, artificial cotton, rayon, silk, nylon and other fabrics, and for dyeing blended fabrics. They can also be used for dyeing leather, pulp, biological dyeing and making color deposits and pigments.

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