How to use sulphur black dye cotton?

Sulphur Black is mainly used in cotton textile dyeing.Here we mainly introduces the dyeing process of sulphur black dyes.

Dyeing process of sulfur black dye
I. Properties of several dye auxiliaries
1. Sodium sulfide
It is a kind of alkali agent with strong reducibility. In the dyeing process, it is not only the reductive agent of sulfurized dyes, which can reduce sulfurized dyes, but also make them dissolve. However, its stability is poor. It is easy to absorb water and get damp in the air and be oxidized, so its strength is reduced. Therefore, it should be kept carefully and not exposed to the air.
2. Sulfur Black
It is a kind of dye that can not be directly soluble in water. After dyeing, it is oxidized and becomes insoluble dye and is fixed on the fiber.
3. Archaean oil
It is a kind of excellent penetrant in the dyeing of sulphur black. It has strong penetrant effect and can make the dyed products black and soft.
4. Salt
As a dye promoter, it has the same effect as adding salt in direct reactive dyes
It is used together with softener in post-treatment to prevent sulfur black from being oxidized and brittle during storage, so it is used as anti brittle agent.

What processes does sulphur dye generally include.
Four processes
1. Reductive dissolution of sulfur dyes (using sodium sulfide as reducing agent)
2. Dyestuff dyeing fiber in dissolving state.
3. The dye is oxidized and fixed on the fiber.
4. Fixation and anti embrittlement treatment.


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