How to choose suitable solvent dyes?

Cangzhou Xincheng Weiye Chemical is solvent dyes manufacturer more than 26 years.Our solvent dyes series mainly include solvent blue 35/solvent blue 36/solvent blue 104; solvent red 23/ solvent red 24/ solvent red 25/ solvent red 49/solvent red 135; solvent yellow 33/ solvent yellow 56/ solvent yellow 114.

But do you know how to choose suitable solvent dyes? Let us give you some idea.

1.Solvent dyes are required to have good solubility in solvents and mutual solubility in various solvents;
2.Good heat resistance stability, high temperature resistance can be used in plastics, ABS high temperature materials, etc.;
3.Light resistance and weather resistance;
4.Acid and alkali resistance;
5.Resistant to sublimation and water


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Post time: Feb-21-2021