How to choose and buy basic dyes?

In the process of dyeing products with basic dyes, in order to achieve a satisfactory dyeing effect, except following with the correct dyeing steps and precautions, the selection of materials is a crucial factor in ensuring the quality of dyeing. However, there are so many basic dyes in the market, and it is very difficult to buy high-quality and low-cost dyes. In view of the status, this article has compiled some information about the purchase of basic dyes for your reference.


Basic rhodamine dye purchase reference information

[Quality issues, analysis from the following two aspects]:

●In terms of the production of basic dyes, because some manufacturers is using poor raw material to process into the basic dyes. As the result, the dyes performance will be effected, therefore, some dyes dying effect is not good, including the fastness, speed of coloring, sun-proof performance. After dying, the finished products can be used, but after some time, the color will be easily fade and lose. Then the customers will not like it.

●In terms of the quality of basic dyes, it also has many aspects. To be honest, the crude quality is the best quality without other elements. But the price is much higher for the end users. Actually, as the manufacturer, we like to recommend user to try with the crude quality because the dosage of crude quality is very less. For example, for middle quality, you need to purchase 2-3 times in one year, but you only need to buy one time crude quality in one year. Then the total cost is still reduced.


In order to get perfect dying effect and dark color, we hope customers can choose higher quality with your product.

Xincheng Weiye basic dyes are mainly used for dying paper, wood, egg trays, mosquito coils and cotton.The basic dyes ranges include basic violet, basic malachite green crystals, basic orange, basic red, basic yellow colors, welcome to send inquiry to us if you have any requirement.

Post time: Apr-01-2019