China National Day is Coming ! Is Your Rhodamine B Stock Enough for Market?

How times Flies ! It’s September now. 

After one month, China National Day and Mid-Autumn Holiday will start for 10 days holiday. All factories will close including our Rhodamine B dye factory.

Rhodamine b dye CI basic violet 10 is a kind of high-grade basic dyes, its appearance is fluffy green shinning powder, and it is soluble in water and alcohol. Rhodamine b dye CAS 81-88-9 has the characteristics of high light fastness, bright color, strong coloring power, good transparency, fast coloring and good dyeing. It is mainly used for coloring paper and wood, as well as for silk and acrylic fiber dyeing. It is used in the paper industry, such as batik paper, typing paper, glossy paper, ink, pigment, printing and dyeing, coating and other industries.

As the leading manufacturer of rhodamine b dye in China for since 1995, we are exporting to Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Korea, Taiwan, Brazil and Yemen.

Due to the National Day holiday coming, factory production is very busy, such as our product sulfur black, rhodamine b, malachite green and methyl violet production line is occupied.

Alll clients hope to get the cargo before our longer holiday, or delivery time will be after middle of October.

How about your stock for the dyes? If not enough, it’s really right time to make stock. 


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Post time: Sep-07-2020