Black paper liquid dye manufacturer talking about the necessity of dyestuff stock

1. Black paper liquid dye have become the main factors affecting the cost of printing and dyeing enterprises.

Dyes, auxiliaries, water, electricity, steam and labor are the main variable costs of printing and dyeing enterprises.

Throughout these years, the price of auxiliaries is relatively stable and tends to reduce.

The costs of water, electricity, steam and labor are increasing gradually in the printing and dyeing enterprises, and their changes can be followed regularly.

Only the price of black paper liquid dye has fluctuated greatly every year for more than ten years, that is to say, the change of black paper liquid dye price has become the main factor of the fluctuation of printing and dyeing cost.

2. The probability of shortage of some black paper liquid dye varieties increases:

Looking back on the black paper liquid dye market in recent years, frequently that some black dyes are in shortage. Strict environmental protection and unexpected accidents are often the main triggers for the outage of certain dyes. Once a dye variety is out of stock or out of stock, its price will increase greatly, even if it can be purchased on the market, its price is much higher than the previous price.

3. When should we store the goods?

According to the analysis of dye price data in recent years, dye prices are generally low before the Spring Festival every year. I was mainly engaged in printing and dyeing technology and cost management about ten years ago. At the same time, I was also responsible for the reserve of dyes and additives. Every year before the Spring Festival or New Year’s Day, he carried out the reserve of dyes, which basically achieved the node of effectively avoiding the rising price of dyes. However, in the past two years, the rising time of black paper liquid dye prices has been moving forward.

It is very important to know the market information of dyestuff upstream and downstream in time. Actively understand the changes in the dye market, rather than passively know the price adjustment of dyes, which is also the basic skills that dyeing business managers need to master.

4. How much stock is appropriate?

It is advisable to recommend 3-6 months for black paper liquid dye stock.

Every customer wants a stable quotation or an appropriate price reduction. Therefore, on the basis of adequate sulphur black dyes stock, technological innovation and cost optimization will be effective.

Within the range of dye price fluctuations, many minor technological innovations and cost optimization are negligible.

5. Which stocks are wrong?

1. It is not advisable to stock dyes at high prices.

2. It is not advisable to stock up without reasonable analysis of the estimated amount of dyes used.

3. It seems unrealistic to desire a longer account period for stock-up.

4. Don’t worry about the shelf-life of dyestuffs during their stock-up period. However, the shelf-life of auxiliaries is only a few months, and the stock-up should be cautious.

Post time: Jul-02-2019