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Sulphur black is a kind of black crystal sulphur dyes. It’s insoluble in water and ethanol. In hydrochloric acid solution, it is green and black precipitate; in sodium hydroxide solution, it is blue; in concentrated sulfuric acid, it is slightly dissolved when it is cold, it is dark green and blue when it is hot, and it is black and blue when it is heated continuously, and Sulfur black is green and blue precipitate after dilution.

Sulfur black dye is used for dyeing cotton, hemp, viscose and their fabrics. It is mainly used to dye cotton, with good dye uptake and levelness. It is suitable for dip dyeing, roll dyeing and pad dyeing. Vinylon can also be dyed, but it can’t be dyed black. Sulfur black can be dyed black with vulcanized reducing black CLG.

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