Basic rhodamine b dye used for dyeing paper pulp

Basic rhodamine b is a kind of dye often used in ordinary dyestuffs, but many people may not know what Rhodamine B is. Today, I will introduce what rhodamine b is.

Basic rhodamine b in paper dyes is also called Rhodamine B extra/310 Rhodamine B It is a kind of shinning green powder. It is easy to dissolve in water to form rose red solution. It is bright and beautiful. When diluted, it has fluorescence. It is mainly used for coloring paper and cosmetics. It is also used for making lake and dyeing silk.

Bright green crystalline powder. Soluble in water and ethanol, blue light red, slightly soluble in acetone, very soluble in glycol ether. In concentrated sulfuric acid, it is yellow light brown, with strong green fluorescence, scarlet after dilution, then it turns blue light red to orange, and its aqueous solution is rose red when sodium hydroxide is added.

Basic rhodamine b is used for waxed paper, typewriting paper, glossy paper, etc. in papermaking industry; it can react with tungstophosphoric acid to produce precipitate, which can be used for making paint and painting pigment; it can also be used for dyeing hemp, wheat straw and leather products.


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