After July 1st, all Chinese chemical enterprises discharge unqualified sewage will be shut down!

At the present stage, China is facing the double pressures of PM 2.5 pollution and ozone pollution, especially in summer. Ozone has become the primary factor that causes the air quality of some cities to exceed the standard.

From July 1, the government will punish the enterprises that fail to meet the emission standards stably and the requirements of unorganized control according to laws and regulations. The petrochemical, chemical, coal chemical, pharmaceutical, pesticide and other enterprises that implement shutdown maintenance shall be included in the scope of law enforcement supervision, focusing on checking whether the startup and shutdown period, cleaning, returning, purging, venting, drying and other links meet the requirements of emission standards.

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Five years ago, our factory invest lots of money for environmental protection equipment to solve the problem of sewage discharge. Although government rule for environment become more and more strict, our factory also keep strict for our production processure. So it’s not a big matter for our factory. But maybe other factories will be in pressure of government rule.

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Post time: Jun-11-2020