Methyl Violet 2B Crystal & Powder

Product Name: Methyl Violet 2B Crystal & Powder



» C.I. Name: Basic violet 1

» C.I. No.: 42535

» CAS No.: 8004-87-3

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Basic methyl violet 2B cas 548-62-9 is a kind of basic dyes. 304 Methyl Violet 2B Crystals C.I. basic violet 1 appearance is dark green powder or shiny big crystal.

Methyl violet crystal has features of high solubility, bright color, good dyeing power.

After put it into water, the methyl violet 2B will be soluble immediately and the color shade is violet. Characteristics are as follows:

»  With excellent brilliance and high tinctorial strength
»  Easy Soluble both in cold water and hot water, soluble in ethanol for purple
»  Firm stable supplied quality


Methyl Violet 2B Specification

» Dye Name: Methyl Violet 2B Crystal & Powder

» Other name :Methyl Violet 5BN/Gentian Violet Crystals/304 Methyl Violet 2B

» Colour Index: Basic Violet 1 (42535)

» CAS No.:8004-87-3 

» Appearance: Shinning Dark Green Crystals & Powder

» Usage: Wood Dyestuffs, Ink Dyestuffs, Paper Dyestuffs,Paint Dyestuff

» Type: Basic Dyes  


Methyl Violet 2B Basic information

Basic Information

Product Name

Methyl Violet 2B

Colour Index 

Basic Violet 1

Colour Index No.






Similar to the standard
      Strength% 100


Shinning Dark Green Crystals & Powder
    Moisture %≤ 5.0

Insoluble Matter %≤



It is very soluble in water and alcohol

 Why Choose XCWY to be Your Partner?

» Direct manufacturer with more than 25 years experience for Rhodamine B and Methyl violet crystals.

» Rich export experience, which can be able to export various countries.

» Our own laboratory, we can test your sample quality and provide copy sample

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Packing & Transportation

» Packed in 25kgs/iron drum
   1*20GP=around 12MT without pallets
» Packing details can be adjusted according to requirement.
   Shipment by sea is highly recommended,Shipment by air Or International express is also available.


Contact person: Miss Jessie Geng

Mobilephone/Whatsapp: +86-13503270825

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