Malachite Green Dye

Product Name: Malachite Green Dye


» C.I. Name: Basic green 4

» CAS No.: 2437-29-8

» Packing: 25kg per iron drum/bag

» Application: Dyeing of Paper, Wood, Bamboo, Mosquito Coil, Incense Stick

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Malachite green dye Molecular Formula c27h34n2o4s, molecular weight 482.64, which belongs to basic dyes group. It is easily soluble in water and alcohol.Yellow in concentrated sulfuric acid, green after dilution, and light green precipitate in aqueous solution in sodium hydroxide.

Malachite green dye is specially used for dyeing of acrylic, silk and wool. It can also be used for dyeing leather, hemp, bamboo, wood, paper and mosquito coil and incense. The malacite green dye is also widely used for color matching of cationic black, as well as disinfectant and fish medicine for aquaculture.


Malachite Green Specification

»  Basic Dyes Name: 312 Basic malachite green

»  Color Index: C.I.Basic green 4

»  Appearance:Green powder, crystal, liquid

» Features: High fastness to sunlight, bright color, strong coloring power, good transparency, fast coloring, good dyeing, etc

» Sample: Free sample is available


Problems to be paid attention to during the use of malachite green dye:

(1) When storing malachite green dye, it should be sealed tightly to avoid improper sealing which may affect the use performance of the product. It should be stored in a cool and dry place to avoid reaction with other chemical components.

(2) The products shall be stored away from the fire and heat source. Smoking is prohibited in the malachite green dye workplace. The staff shall wear anti-static clothes, masks and gloves to take protective measures.

(3) Wash your hands before and after the operation of the green dye, prohibit eating in the workplace, and carefully load and unload the green dye in the process of handling to prevent the damage of the package.

(4) The explosion-proof ventilation system and equipment shall be used to ensure the safe operation of malachite green dye.

(5) It should be stored separately from other chemicals, not to be confused, to maintain the sealing of green dye.

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