Cationic Yellow X-GL

Product Name: Cationic Yellow X-GL 250%



» C.I. Name: Basic yellow 28

» CAS No.: 54060-92-3


» Packing: 25kg per iron drum/bag/carton box

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Cationic Yellow X-GL 250% is a kind of brown-yellow powder. It is soluble in water and become yellow solution. Dyeing at high temperature (120℃), the color will not change. It is not suitable to boil when dissolving. The fastness to sunlight of cationic yellow X-GL is grade 5-6. The compatibility value K = 3.

Cationic golden X-GL is seldom used alone. It is usually mixed with Cationic Pink FG and cationic turquoise blue GB to dye medium to deep color. It is used for direct printing of acrylic, silk, diacetate and triacetate fabrics.


Cationic Yellow X-GL 250% Specification

» Cationic Dyes Name: Cationic Yellow X-GL 250%

»  Color Index: C.I.Basic yellow 28

» Molecular Formula: C21H27N3O5S

»  EINECS No.: 258-946-7

» Sample: Free sample is available

» Strength: 250%

Cationic Yellow X-GL 250% Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Cationic Yellow X-GL 250%

Colour Index 

C.I. Basic yellow 28





Similar With Standard


Yellow powder


Very soluble in water and alcohol

Dyeing Method and Mechanism of Cationic Yellow X-GL 250% Dyes

Cationic Yellow dyes are special dyes for acrylonitrile fibers. The dyeing method is approaching boiling dyeing in a bathtub with weak acidity (pH 4.5 or so), using acetic acid and sodium acetate as buffer, in the presence of dielectrics and appropriate auxiliaries. The dyeing mechanism can be divided into three steps:

(1) The dye cations in the dyeing bath are adsorbed on the surface of the fibers.

(2) Dye cations diffuse from the surface of the fibers to the interior.

(3) The dye cations bind to the anionic groups in the fibers to form salt bonds.

Under normal dyeing conditions, the final step of salt formation is an irreversible reaction, which can lead to high fastness and uneven dyeing. The first two steps react fast and the second step diffuses slowly, which determines the whole dyeing speed. Because of the affinity between dyes and fibers, dyeing bath temperature, pH value, electrolyte and retarder should be strictly controlled in order to achieve leveling effect.

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