Cationic Turquosie Blue X-GB

Product Name: Cationic Turquosie Blue X-GB


» C.I. Name: Basic blue 3

» CAS No.: 73570-52-2


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XCWY Chemical is the professional manufacturer of cationic blue dyes, our Cationic Turquosie Blue X-GB is a special dye for acrylic fiber dyeing.

It has the advantages of high strength, bright color and good light fastness.  The light fastness can be up to grade 5.


Cationic Turquosie Blue X-GB Specification

» Product name: Cationic Turquosie Blue X-GB

» Type: Cationic dyes

» Basic blue 3

» CAS NO.: 73570-52-2

» Usage: Acrylic fabric dyestuff, Cotton dyestuff, Silk dyestuff

Cationic Turquosie Blue X-GB Physical Properties

Basic Information

Product Name

Cationic Turquosie Blue X-GB

Colour Index 

C.I. Basic Blue 3





Similar With Standard
           Strength 250%


         PH vALUE 3-8


Very soluble in water and alcohol

Application and synthesis of Cationic Turquosie Blue X-GB

Chemical properties: Bronze powder. It is soluble in water and ethanol and is blue with green shade.

It is mainly used for dyeing and printing of acrylic and acrylic viscose blended fabrics. It is especially suitable for direct printing. When acrylic fibers are dyed, they are stable even in alkaline bath.


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