Rhodamine 6G

Product Name: Basic Rhodamine 6G


» C.I. Name: Basic red 1:1

» C.I.Color: 45161

» CAS No.: 3068-39-1

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XCWY Chemical is a factory integrating production and sales for basic Rhodamine 6G in China.

Due to its reliable quality and competitive prices, our Rhodamine 6G has got good feedback and reputation from our customers.

The Rhodamine 6G can be dissolved in water easily and used for ink, cotton, leather, paper with good fastness and bright colors.


Rhodamine 6G Specification

»  Basic Dyes Name: Basic Rhodamine 6G

»  Color Index: C.I.Basic Red 1:1(45161)

»  CAS No.: 3068-39-1

» Usage: Ink Dyestuffs, Cotton Dyestuffs, Wool Dyestuffs, Silk Dyestuffs

Rhodamine 6G Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Basic Rhodamine 6G

Colour Index 

C.I. Basic Red 1:1

Colour Index No.






Similar With Standard


 Red Powder
        Moisture %≤ 1.1

Insoluble Matter %≤



Very soluble in water and alcohol

Company Introduction

Established in 1995, XCWY is located in fine chemical industrial park,Dongguang County,Hebei Province, China, covering an area of 86,000 square meters. It has the advantages of superior geographical position, convenient transportation, scientific and technological research and development and professional and technical personnel. The company is mainly engaged in the production and sale of chemical products such as dyes and intermediates.

These products are widely used in textile, paper making, leather, incense, ink and other related industries. The main products of our company are basic Rhodamine, Sulphur black, Solvent red, Cationic blue, Malachite green, Acid orange II, Methylene bue BB, Direct yellow, Direct black etc.


Contact person: Miss Jessie Geng


Mobilephone/Whatsapp: +86-13503270825


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