Rhodamine 6GDN

Product Name:Basic Rhodamine 6GDN


» C.I. No.:45160

» C.I. Name: Basic Red 1

» CAS No.: 989-38-8

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Rhodamine 6GDN, also known as basic red 1, is produced by XCWY Chemical located in Hebei province, China. 

As the biggest Rhodamine 6GDN manufacturer in China, we always followed the principle of “Quality First ! Client First ! Best Service !

At present, our basic dyes ranges include basic violet dyes, basic blue dyes, basic red dyes, basic yellow dyes, basic green dyes. And our factory is also developing other basic dyes and cationic dyes production.


Rhodamine 6GDN Specification

»  Basic Dyes Name: Basic Rhodamine 6GDN

»  Colour Index: C.I.Basic Red 1(45160)

»  CAS No.: 989-38-8

» Usage: Ink Dyestuffs, Leather Dyestuffs, Paper Dyestuffs, Paint Dyestuffs

Rhodamine 6GDN Basic Information

Basic Information

Product Name

Basic Rhodamine 6GDN

Colour Index 

C.I. Basic Red 1

Colour Index No.






Similar With Standard


Shinning Red Powder
        Moisture %≤ 2.0

Insoluble Matter %≤



Very soluble in water and alcohol

Rhodamine 6GDN Application

Basic red 1 is suitable for direct printing of silk and silk fabrics. Generally it is used in neutral, acid, direct dye multicolor overprinting for embellishment color, but also used in wool, cotton fiber dyeing, color fastness is poor.

It can be used for the coloring of leather and paper, and also for the preparation of organic pigments. Metal ions are determined by fluorescence and spectrophotometry with the formation of ion associations; adsorption indicators; biological dyes.


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